Who are we?

Gradient is a hybrid-fintech solutions provider in the Australian financial advisory space.

We leverage in-house domain knowledge and combine state-of-the-art robotic process automation with high-performance computing, to offer compliant yet low friction solutions with an emphasis on data-driven decision making.

Guiding Principles

What gives us the best chance of continuous success?

Choose Extraordinary People

Our success is in the hands of our team. We've brought together the brightest minds across mathematics, engineering and finance to unapologetically apply our unique perspective to deliver results that are redefining financial markets.

Ambitious Goals

We've set extremely ambitious goals for a reason. It's the only way to disrupt the industry - but more importantly it motivates us while reflecting our ethos. Our diverse set of professionals have all achieved something "impossible" or "new" before joining the team.

Precision Planning. Clarity in Communication

Our goals are audacious but we have the team to achieve them. For this, we need our whole to be "greater than the sum of the parts". A team can function at this level only with extreme emphasis on precise planning and communication.

Highly aligned but loosely coupled

We believe that trusting high-performance people working in the correct context is how you achieve the most ambitious goals in a fast and flexible manner.

Our Story

What we've achieved in the last 24 months.

April 2020

User interviews reveal crucial insight: the issue the industry is facing is fundamentally a data problem.

August 2020

Finalized data strategy and architecture. Deployed use cases through agile sprints, delivering tangible business value iteratively.

November 2020

"Workflow" solution released to 5 financial practices in Sydney

February 2021

Workflow used by 60+ practices, Gradient accepted into the Microsoft For Startups program, validating the potential impact of our work.

June 2021

Workflow accounts for over $300,000 in revenue after users complete 1,000 submissions. Internal collaboration features added.

July 2021

Workflow benchmarked to show 40% internal and 50% external efficiency gains.

September 2021

3,000 submissions completed with 320 active users across 124 practices.

Our Team

The people committed to effecting change. Our team includes an interesting mix of individuals. Gradient offers technical expertise and Planlogic is a financial BPO based in Sri Lanka offering the all-important financial SME.


Technical Expertise


Sohan Dharmaraja



Kaveen Rodrigo

Engineering Lead


Surija Srikumar

Senior Software Engineer


Financial SME


Shehan Alwis

Managing Director


Nazreen Nawaz

Head of Advice


Sahani Wijekoon

Paraplanning Lead

We're searching for like-minded and motivated individuals to expand Gradient

Engineering At Gradient

At Gradient, We're striving to hit the right balance to producing quality software while being mindful of business impact and agility.

Learn with passion

Our goal is to improve every day. This is to ensure that we provide 100% towards the company goals. With this goal in mind, We foster an open culture for learning and improving.

Continuous Delivery

We use continuous integration and continuous delivery to ensure that idea to consumer takes place fast, safe. All the while making it sustainable in the long run.

Right Tool For The Job

With our decoupled architecture, we promote using the right tool for the right job. We're polyglot and are focused on enriching the end-goals of the product and people.

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