Our Approach

We approach problems from "first principles" and prioritize ruthlessly. This, coupled with an an elegant and intentional combination of: learning and purpose allows us to attack "never-attacked problems", in "never-seen-before" ways.

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Why work at Gradient?

Great colleagues

The people that work here are smart, genuine and driven. Joining us means you’ll work with a creative, socially conscious and nerdy set of individuals.

Do your best work

Focus on great results, not the politics, mediocrity or complacency you find at most organizations. Here you'll get to work on the most challenging and interesting problems in finance and technology.

Opportunity and growth

High performance individuals self‐improve through experience, observation and introspection. We create this environment by hiring great colleagues and attacking important problems.

What's Expected?

We're searching for individuals, who resonate with our mission and feel that they can make positive contributions to make Gradient better.


  • Collaborate with domain experts to understand and innovate new features and solutions.
  • Learn and evolve understanding of domain knowledge of project areas.
  • Ensure the quality of solutions built and follow best practices.
  • Help and lead the team to always make good design decisions and contribute for the betterment of product/solutions.


  • Engineering / CompSci degree OR a comparable portfolio of projects.
  • Strong knowledge in computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Good communication skills to work with domain knowledge experts and educate others on the team.
  • Having competent knowledge on the following languages is advantageous. JavaScript, Python, .NET Core.

If our mission resonates with you, please reach out - we'd love to meet you.